V4.3 never works for me

If I am building a project for SDK v4.3 it never works for me. VS always shows “deploy succeeded” butafterwards the gadgeteer starts rebooting again and again.

Im using visual studio 2010 on windows8.1 OS.

The output of FEZ Config seems to be ok for me:

Loader (TinyBooter) version information: on this computer. on this device.

The Loader (TinyBooter) is up to date. <<<

Firmware (TinyCLR) version information: on this computer. on this device.

From time to time a popup arises asking me to load the “camera_43.cs” but not everytime
Heres the code of programm.cs

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Media;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Shapes;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Touch;

using Gadgeteer.Networking;
using GT = Gadgeteer;
using GTM = Gadgeteer.Modules;
using Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics;

namespace GadgeteerApp2
    public partial class Program
        // This method is run when the mainboard is powered up or reset.   
        void ProgramStarted()
            Modules added in the Program.gadgeteer designer view are used by typing 
            their name followed by a period, e.g.  button.  or  camera.
            Many modules generate useful events. Type +=<tab><tab> to add a handler to an event, e.g.:
                button.ButtonPressed +=<tab><tab>
            If you want to do something periodically, use a GT.Timer and handle its Tick event, e.g.:
                GT.Timer timer = new GT.Timer(1000); // every second (1000ms)
                timer.Tick +=<tab><tab>

            // Use Debug.Print to show messages in Visual Studio's "Output" window during debugging.
            button.ButtonPressed += new Button.ButtonEventHandler(button_ButtonPressed);
            button.ButtonReleased += new Button.ButtonEventHandler(button_ButtonReleased);
            camera.PictureCaptured += new Camera.PictureCapturedEventHandler(camera_PictureCaptured);

            Debug.Print("Program Started");


        void camera_PictureCaptured(Camera sender, GT.Picture picture)
            Bitmap bmpCopy = picture.MakeBitmap();
            displayTE35.SimpleGraphics.DisplayImage(bmpCopy, 0, 0);

        void button_ButtonReleased(Button sender, Button.ButtonState state)
            if (camera.CameraReady)


        void button_ButtonPressed(Button sender, Button.ButtonState state)
            //do nothing

VS2010 is not supported by the netmf SDK. You must move to VS2012 (there is VS2013 support in NETMF 4.3 QFE2-RTM). Is there any reason you haven’t moved to VS2012 ?

@ Hanswurst - What mainboard are you using? If you try to start debugging instead of deploying, do you see any messages in the output window?

Ok, that was oviously my problem, thanks… I moved to 2012 now and figured out that i can run the code, but it will fail when i try to use the camera. Camera_43.cs does not exist it says.

This was with v4.3 QFE1…
V4.3 QFE2 is again not supported by visual studio 2012

The question was why i was still using VS 2010…? this was because at the beginning of the projekt i was using VS2013 but after some unsuccessful trys someone told me that i have to use 2010/2012

So this is where the problem begins…
Maybe i shouldnt trust the opinion of other students and try again with 2013…this is giving me headache :slight_smile:

Maybe i should have said that Im kind of a beginner. But you people here seem to be much more patient than in other forums :slight_smile:

@ Hanswurst - There is also a known issue where the PictureCaptured event on the Camera does not work in the current SDK. It has been fixed for the next release. That is probably why you are seeing the error looking for the Camera_43.cs file.

In another thread i was told that for RLP i have to use v4.3
That would mean theres no way of using the camera and RLP together right now?

btw it is FEZ Spider im using

I have the same problem with take picture so I tried to use raw SDK 4.3.7
There is a thread mentioned this problem but It is too advanced for me.
The streaming function is fine so is there a different way to take picture?

@ tinphamtan - You can call StartStreaming and then as soon as the streamed event fires, you can stop streaming and display the captured image. When you want to take another picture, call StartStreaming again.

@ Hanswurst - RLP works fine in 4.2, the documentation for it has just been updated to 4.2. You may be able to find some older examples in code share and in https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/man/Library_Documentation_v4.2/Premium/

I’ve had the same problems. It is version hell. Is there some document or simple table that explains which version of Visual Studio works with which version of the .Net Micro Framework and Gadgeteer SDK?

The page that explains the steps to download and install seems a bit confusing to me.

It states that you are to go and install the (Step 2) Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (QFE1 or QFE2 depending on which VS you are using), then the (Step 3) Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Core, followed by the (Step 4) GHI NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5.

However, it appears that the GHI NETMF and Gadgeteer Package already contains the .NET Micro Framework? Do you only need to get this package and not bother with Steps 2 and 3? This is very confusing and very easy to get the versions all mixed up, and nothing seems to work.

Simply follow steps 1 - 4 in that order.