Utility class

Can’t find class Utilities with useful functions, for example InsertValueIntoArray, ExtractValueFromArray, CombineArrays.
Why are they not in BitConverter for example?

They can be. We had a preview of for a year so everyone can point out what they need. Anyway 2.1 is not far out so please make a list of what you need so we can add it please.

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ok I undestend

Endianness at byte level for SPI ?

What exactly do you need. I thought we talked about this and since we only support byte[] there is no such thing as endianess

0xFF and 0xFF are the same value except the ordering of the bits are reversed.

I think he is taking about bytes and not bits

I think he is referring the LSB and MSB part of the SPI protocol. Does the SPI within STIcore support either or both of them?

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@Dave_McLaughlin is correct.

And I’m also refering to this :

Yes we did talk about this (16Bit SPI Mode) and I still think that this is something that should be present in SPI. (I would even say that I don’t understand why you did it at bit level).
And this is really simple to implement at firmware level as it is only a matter of register setting.

Here it is https://github.com/ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Libraries/issues/673

By the way, I have not needed this in the past 20 years. But if it makes someone happy then why not :nerd_face:

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The times are changing :wink:

Now that chips manufacturers know about LSB/MSB, they have made an agreement to not use LSB (or MSB) only…
As a result, STM had to add a register in its MCU to handle that at hardware level so that higher level programmers do not have to bother with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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TinyCLR supports SPI MSB/LSB in bit.

If your project needs MSB/LSB in byte then I think in Bitconverter class there is

SwapEndianness(byte[] data, int groupSize)

It convert in native so it is fast.


first method of utility class revalved


Is this documented? Save for the bit converter? Let’s double check docs please