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Using XBee with the FEZ Mini Robot


Hi. I’ve started playing with the robot and I’m hoping to connect an Xbee device to the robot. I can then make a remote controlled sensor thing that might be fun. Unfortunately the Xbee device documentation says that the on the Fez Micro you use Di7 and Di8 for the serial coms, but on the robot these are allocated to the two servo drivers.

Is there any way I can use the RS232 port on the back of the robot board and connect this to the header on the Xbee board? I’m quite happy to make up a new cable.


The RS232 port can be used in this case but note that the port is RS232 level and not TTL. You could add a circuit to convert RS232 to TTL but then this will not be “freakin’ easy!”…let us find a better way to do this

Pin An2 and An3 are actually COM TXD and RXD but they are not directly supported. IF this was a discussion on GHI website then I would point you to what to do but since this is for FEZ then it has to be done the easy way…let us make an example code and add it to the robot documents. You will see something by tomorrow…when that is done, you can connect XBEE or Bluetooth components to An2 and An4.


We have added an example to the FEZ Mini Brochure showing how to use COM4 on An2 and An3.


Thanks for that. I’ve picked up the new code and it works a treat. I can now remote control my robot!