Using USB3 storage device on G400


I plan to use USB3 storage devices on netmicroframework using netmf 4.3SDK.
Are there any things to consider? In past I experienced, that not all USB2 storage devices have been correct detected.
Maybe there is a USB3 compatibility integrated in those devices.

Is this type of solution basically recommendable?


Some very rare drives may have something special causing them to not work. Beside that 99.9% of devices should work just fine. If not, I am very curious why.

The MassStorage Event for DeviceDetection has not been invoked by the Framework. We decided to use other USB sticks.

@ hweinfurterAAEj4i5 - Do you know the USB ID of that stick? Or the manufacturer/product id? It might be worthwhile for future reference.

modern sandisk usb3.0 flash driver works fine :slight_smile: