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Using TinyCLR OS on an older BrainPad - TechTalk #039


In this episode, we show you how to run our latest software TinyCLR OS, on the older version of the BrainPad.

TrafficLight.cs file:

Add this line to the Startup.cs file:
public static TrafficLight TrafficLight { get; } = new TrafficLight();

Demo code sample:


Great video… got all excited … and then poof you need TinyCLR 5 …

as always … soon :frowning:


90% sure it is this week.


next week?


@ Mike - next tech talk, how about that? :slight_smile:


This is #39, meaning the next one is #40. We have got to have a big news announcement for the next one.

But what can we announce that is soooooooo cooooooool? :whistle:


TinyCLR running on an ESP32 would be soooooo cooooool. :open_mouth:


Spider I without dust would be soooo coool !!! :whistle:


Agree but this is a one thing and make a few users happy. We are working on a much larger scale.


TInyClr on a Beaglebone? :stuck_out_tongue: