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Using the USB programming port for communication with a PC


I would like to attached my Cerberus board running netmf 4.3 to my PC and communicate with it using a C# program.

Do I need to add a separate USB connector to do this?
Do I need something like a FTTI chipset?
If I use USB for comms (once the programming is running) how do I debug?
I know that there are a couple of USB style modules from Gadgeteer, do I need to use one of them?
How do I get the USB to behave like a comm port so I can talk to it from C#?

I’m not asking for you to write any code for me, just a pointer in the right direction to get me started please.

Any help, guidance or links to information that might help would be great.

Many thanks.


@ Jason - I dont have a Cerberus and not sure if this is in the firmware for Cerberus. You might have a look at USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();


I use the USB-Serial Module quite a bit on the Cerberus and other boards. Works like a charm.


So, what you’re saying is it can’t be done (easily) using the on-board USB port. I need to add an FTDI (FT232R type) IC in the form of the USB serial module to be able to talk to the MCU?


@ andre.m - I might add an FTDI in any case. If I go with the suggestion you just made could I then use RS232 debugging and use a FTDI breakout-board from TX1/RX1?