Using the meadow

In case you have a wilderness labs meadow and want to try it, here is a good walk through on how to start coding. No debugging yet but they say it is coming soon… and they have added SQLite :slight_smile:

why they do not use
GHI TinyClr 2.0 ready for use

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


well, they are not at the GHI level but at least they give another opportunity for c# enthousiast for using their favorite language in the iot world. That’s already a good starting point. … waiting for the debugging to test

I’ve got one and have tested it for some time.
Lack of debug is not that dramatic, to me. Of course it is a needed feature but we can leave without for some time.

There are at least two other major problems, however : performances and form factor.
It’s a pile of different software layers, each one slowing down the other. This could have been masked if they had used a H7 but they are using a F7.
Form factor is annoying, to me. It does not expose enough pins to be really useful, to me.

All in all, this is a nice try to get full .Net on an embedded device but, as is, it is not a viable solution. At least that’s my opinion :wink:

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I tried the Meadow for an application I am working on. Interrupt response time was toooooo slow.

They are getting better with each beta release, but when will they be production ready?

I don’t understand how they are developing without being able to attach a debugger. It boggles my mind. Soon the Octavo MP1 will be mainstream, then what will they do.

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