Using SIM 900 to create TCP connection over sockets(System.Net.Sockets.Socket)

Hi everyone, I’m quite new to this lovely platform and I have a question (probably it’s very basic for most of you) but I cannot find a satisfying answer even though I’ve stuck here for a while. I’m trying to use sim900 module with the extended fez cobra 2. So far, I’ve achieved to create TCP connection with AT commands via RS232 and also I have a working project coded by using GTM.GHI Electronics.Cellular Radio class. However, what I want to is that creating an instance of System.Net.Sockets.Socket to make a TCP connection and it didn’t work when I coded it like Ethernet enc28j60 module. Is what i’m trying to do possible? By the way I’m currently getting the SocketException ErrorCode = 10053 error. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Please illuminate me. Thank you in advance…

On netmf, PPP is what you need. On TinyCLR, we have several ideas we are still investigating.


Thank you, having asked this question, I’ve realized that what I’ve been looking for is actually explicitly written on the following page.
But still I’m working on it and I couldn’t manage to manipulate the given code. I’d appreciate if someone reply with a working code. I’m gonna post my code here when it works anyway because it seems like there isn’t any on the net.

The example code in that doc has been confirmed to work with the SIM908 on our old CellularRadio module. You need to update the COM port and APN on lines 17 and 24 of course. The SIM900 may have other initialization commands though, its datasheet will have that information.

Once code reaches the comment //The network is now ready to use. you can insert whatever networking code you need, including sockets.