Using RFM01 on Fez Panda II

I’m new on using rf receiver on my board. Where can i start? My receiver is RFM01-868. Following link is the programming guide for this. I got no idea to wiring this to my board. Please guide me. Thanks

@ omer123omer - Honestly, wiring this is going to be the absolute easiest part. It appears to use an SPI interface. Writing the driver is going to be your biggest challenge and if you’re brand new to electronics I don’t know that I would start with this. I would highly recommend you maybe start out with some RF Pipe modules if it’s an option. You’ll have a lot more fun spending your time watching your creation come alive rather than spending weeks or months getting the SPI protocol right.

If you want to continue down this route, then you will need to find the SPI pins (MISO & MOSI) for your board and wire them to the module along with the proper power & GND. See the schematic in Ex. 1 in the datasheet.

Feel free to ask more specific questions if you run into problems. Good luck!

Actually i want to receive data from my ez430 chronos watch. How can i do this?