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Using other peoples code in your TinyCLR Code submission


It has come to my attention that my hard work has been “ripped off” by someone else on here. As there is no way to message them asking to remove it, i have to post here.

This entry:

Has no comments or attribution and is basically a stripped down version of my code here:

Considering the massive amount of time spent on developing those formulas for getting distance I’m quite offended by this. My post has a clear copyright at the top, with instructions on what to do if you are making changes.

I know this code is based on mine (strongly based on…) because I am the one who developed those formulas. Nobody else (even me) would be able to come up with exactly the same function when doing testing.

Please, if you are going to use some else’s code in your contribution to the community, have the courtesy to mention them in your comments, link to their project, and leave any license or comments they have put in their code in place!


Do not worry Mark, I emailed Colin asking him to update the project. If there is no answer in couple days then please let me know and I will make the needed fixes.


I have changed the code. Sorry to ‘rip off’ the comments and/or attribution lines.