Using mIP With GHI_Ethernet_J11D


i want to use ARP feature of mIP but i can’t get it working

i got errors when i chose all of this interfaces :


@ Alir3za - Hi, as far as I know mIP was implemented for ENC28 chip via SPI only.
J11D uses builtin Ethernet of CPU.

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actually i need mIP to capture all ARP packets
so there’s no way to use mIP with J11D.

is there any way to Send/Recive ARP Packets with J11D ?

check out the source code,
I think you should be able to add an interface for JD11 very easily…


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i tried but i don’t know the CPU Pins of J11D to modify the library :frowning:

What board are we talking about? Schematics should help.

i have Fez Spider with all modules

mIP certainly does process ARP packets. But, there are 2 components to mIP. The TCP/IP stack and the driver. The only driver for mIP is written for the enc28j60. To use mIP with another controller, a driver for that controller would need to be written.

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Do you have in mind to modify mIP so it uses the J11D?
I don’t think this is a simple Task, if even possible. At least it’s not just changing some pins, because ENC28 is a SPI device, builtin Ethernet is, well, builting. J11D is not much more than the RJ45 connector.
as Valkyrie-MT wrote you would need to replace the ENC28 Driver for mIP by one that accesses the builtin Ethernet.
To do so you need to disable the builtin Driver. Not sure if this would work.
Also mIP is pure managed, builtin Driver is part of the Firmware.
By this mIP is slower. To my knowledge you can also not use Socket, and other standard network classes when using mIP.

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btw you can still use ENC28 module with the Spider and it is only $5 more :slight_smile: plug into any S socket…

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yeah man! that’s what i’m thinking about

@ Alir3za - You never posted the Errors you get. did you?

Ha, great idea.