Using Mac, Linux or Windows 11?

Here is an option that enables CDC-NCM on the Endpoint. It may be best for GHI to use this script and release an image that could be experimented by everyone :slight_smile:


Script for CDC-NCM

Sample VS Code project (default template may not work on Mac or Linux)


A quick test on Linux (Ubuntu)


Windows 11 quick test


I do not have a Apple Silicon Mac - will appreciate it, if someone could test on a latest gen Mac.

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@Designer - works like a charm on Intel and Apple silicon macOS. You’re a champ, Raj. You just unlocked the non-Windows world for Endpoint.

To expand on the instructions, when he says “replace the file /etc/init.d/S30usbgadget”, what I did is listed below. You can do this bit from :

  • a Windows machine via ssh over the USB connection, as shown below
  • or you can use a Linux machine and mount the sd card
  • or mount the sd card from a Mac machine that has macFuse installed ( brew install --cask macfuse)
ssh root@
# cd /etc/init.d
# nano S30usbgadget
... delete the contents of the file and paste in the file from Designer's github ...
^X (to write out the file and exit - accept any prompts by hitting return for the default values)
# reboot

Now you can attach the Endpoint to your Mac or Linux machine and it should be available

Big thanks to Designer for sorting this out, and yeah, this should be the default.


We are so lucky to have top experts in this community. Thanks for sharing.


@Designer , @mcalsyn We will apply your scripts today so the release will have them. Thnks


@mcalsyn - thanks for testing it out and for adding more to the instructions. If ok with you, I will copy them to the repo. Yes, this unlocks Endpoint to folks who are exclusive on a Mac or Linux.

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Absolutely- fire away. Sounds like it will be the new default though.

@Dat_Tran - while this works good with CDC-NCM, it does not co-exist with RNDIS yet. Windows 10 users will need RNDIS. I am trying to figure out what is missing to have both enabled on the USB endpoint.

You may have to release 2 images for now.

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I think we will go with one image. We will wait, hurry will make new bug :))


We added support MacOs in next release.
Window 10, 11:
Linux, MacOs: