Using LCD Pins on EMX

Hi, I want to use a Parallel Graphic LCD (LM24064DFC) instead of the TFT LCD with the EMX Development Kit. How do I “disable” the current TFT driver Pins so that I can use some of these GPIO pins (avaiable on the LCD connector) to connect to the parallel Graphic display.

In LCD configuration, there is the option of making the device headless then you can use the IOs like any other IO

Thanks for the fast response.
I am still not sure how to load and activate this HeadlessConfig (using V4.1.3.0 Hardware dll)

Should the following code in Main() disable the LCD ? … because it does not.

lcdConfig.PixelClockDivider = 0xFF;


Thanks for stating the obvious… It is working like a charm!


I am too am trying to use the emx in a headless mode and am trying to use
io69 as a gpio,

I added the line Configuration.LCD.Set(Configuration.LCD.HeadlessConfig);
to the start of my program, but I still get an
exception when trying to setup the io pin, via;
OutputPort LED1 = new OutputPort(EMX.Pin.IO69, false);

which is tied to an led onboard, what am I doing wrong?, thanks
I am running the very latest fw:

the LCD config take effect after you restart the board.

By the way, you replied to a post that is over a year old.

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Thanks, that got it,
I know the thread was a year old, but I figured why start another,
Thanks again for the quick reply,
Are all configuration items held in Flash?, and are they all documented
somewhere, thanks

Yes, all in library documentation and all downloads are on one page. Click on downloads above.