Using Glide, how to generate 0-9,10 a numeric keypad?

Where can I find an example? Or give me an example.

You’re double posting ! Very uncool.

Why don’t you go to the SEARCH link just above the text in your post and search?

You possibly also need to be very clear in what you’re wanting do do here - are you trying to generate an on-screen display with 0-10 on it? And do you really want 10? Or do you want a phone-like keypad with a * and # on it?

@ cen00
A numeric keyboard doesn’t exist in Glide yet. Currently, the only choice is to use a TextBox and the default keyboard. In order to achieve what you want you’d have to write your own implementation; to which we don’t have an example. I do foresee that Glide will get a such a keyboard in the future. I recommend continuing with your work until the keyboard becomes available.

Which, by default the keyboard example there?

I’ve seen in TextBox default keyboard :), but, GLIDE V0.1.1, the characters typed on the keyboard does not appear in the top of the keyboard, to return from the pop-up keyboard does not appear in the text box. :frowning:

Sorry, just a pop-up keyboard to enter characters do not appear above the keyboard.