Using gadgeteer as a an adjustable voltage source

Hey everyone…

I need a little help here…
I want to use gadgeteer for setting a gas pressure regulator state via voltage.

Meaning, I want to use gadgeteer as an adjustable voltage source, which I can command
via a user interface.

any ideas?

(I have both Hydra and Spider, and I am new to gadgeteer (Have some experience with Arduino)).


Thank you for your reply.

Voltage range of 0-5V.
Very low current (just setting up a state)

Exacly right

How can I do it for a range of 0-3.3V?

I really appericiate your help…

It look like a great start. Thanks.

A novice question: to what pin can I assigned the voltage?
In Arduino I have an array of analog out pins, for example.

You gave something to start with. Awesome.
Thanks Andre, This is much appericiated