Using G400D with Chipworkx dev kit and Ethernet. Possible?

I have used the G400D in the dev board before to do development with the RS232 port but now I need to do Ethernet testing.

Is the Ethernet connector on the Chipworkx dev board compatible with the G400D module?

Looking at the schematic for the Chipworkx dev board and the G400D the only thing missing is the ENET_2.5 volt output from the G400D.

I am assuming I need an external 2.5V regulator to provide this to the Ethernet connector?

OK. Doing a bit more digging and will confirm if it works today but the G400HDR schematic shows that PIN3 outputs 2.5V but that this is now shown in the G400D documents.

This pin is the same as the 2.5V output on the old Chipworkx module.

I think your document for the G400D could be doing with an update GHI?

EDITED… Ah wait. The Schematic symbol is the ChipworkX and only the net names are correct. Need to power up the board and see if the 2.5V is present or not.

EDIT 2. It’s 3.3V

G400 docs are a high priority item in the work queue :wink:

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