Using FEZ Gadgeteer modules with ESP32

I have an old FEZ Cerberus and I have bunch of modules. I also have an M5Stack Atom Lite based on ESP32. I’d love to use the FEZ Cerberus modules on the Atom Lite. Is this possible?

The modules connectors has 10 pins socket (I don’t know what it is called), while the Atom Lite has GPIOs and I2C.

If soldering is necessary I am willing to do it, but I want to avoid it as much as possible.

the modules are simple enough to wire up to another microprocessor, no matter what the form factor. The old socket map .NET Gadgeteer Intro ( will tell you the pin types you need for each module, and all you need is something in the middle that “converts” the 10-pin connector to what pins you need for your M5Stack or other MCU.
You will not find a direct M5Stack-to-gadgeteer connector anywhere, so dust off your soldering iron. At a minimum, you could cut a Gadgeteer cable in half and solder the required signal and power wires to the appropriate pins on the M5Stack, or you could go to the other extreme and make a daughter board for the M5stack to plug into that then exposes whatever Gadgeteer sockets you want/need if you want to use the M5Stack somewhat like a Gadgeteer controller where you can change the modules depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Or a middle ground, if you have them, use the breadboard, breakout, breakout TB10, or similar to give you the conversion you need.

Also, given gadgeteers age , you might want to check for 3.3v versus 5.0v.

yeah, bad omission on my part, certainly you need to pay attention to the module’s power requirement. The socket has 3v3 and 5v on them by design, but not many needed both power sources - you must provide the power the module needs, so delve into the schematics of the individual modules if you need to get specific…

This is really great, thank you Brett and Mike for the answers. I will start on this and I hopefully will post my finding here.

You are great.