Using EthernetBuiltin and spider how to Detect if the ethenet is connected (differentiate between gadgeteer and emulator modes)

I’m using spider and ethernet module. I wrote in addition an emulator project. so I can run my project either on spider or with the emulator.
the problem is with the following code:

       _ethernet= new EthernetBuiltIn();
                    if (!_ethernet.IsOpen || !_ethernet.IsActivated)
                        throw new NetworkException("Problems with the initialize of the ethernet module");
                catch (NotSupportedException  e)
                    Debug.Print(e.Message );
                    _mode = Mode.Emulator;

the _ethernet.Open will throw a not supported exception if this is running on the emulator (no ethernet there)
is there any better way to differentiate if the network module is connected or not?

thanks great this is what I was looking for
there is also a field