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Using COM1 to debug an deploy and using COM1 for XBEE communications during when device is in field


Hi every one

Since I am switching to 4.2.9, I lose CDC+debug. After managing the namespace changes involved by the new SDK, I need now to focus on how to manage the multiple peripherals.

In fact when devices are installed they’re communicating with XBEE to exchange data on COM port 1. However this port is also the one used to deploy and debug… Is there a convenient way to manage that? Placing a jumper when devices are under testing, debugging can be a solution but there’s maybe a software way to achieve that. What do you think?


because I am using usb for cdc


Exactly you got it, debugging with XBEE will not be possible anymore due to the fact that cdc + debug disappears which forces me to debug on COM1 as usb is used as cdc for a GUI.

My feeeling is that I can test and debug my XBEE class using usb on a other solution where usb is available to deploy and debug…


What do you mean?


I have 4 com ports used on the mainboard, (IMU,NMEA0183, autopilot,xbee), the usb is dedicated to send data to computer over CDC VCOM. COM1 is the com port on the board… The mainboard is a custom one on which a EMX module is soldered


This can be an option…