Using Cobra case ... best way to reset?

I’m using the Cobra case and 4.3" display and loving it, but one unfortunate thing. The reset button isn’t accessible if the Cobra is inside it.

What are the rest of you Cobra users doing? Can I just wire up a button to the Reset pin on the board? If I did do that, do I just connect it to ground when resetting or do I need add a resister?


You only need to wire reset to button to ground

But why do you need reset?

Because… If anything like my cobra, Visual C#, during deploy, doesn’t reset the cobra intermmitantly…

@ Eric I have placed a small pushbutton externally wire pin6 on the terminal on the top edge through the switch to ground (It’s clearly marked RESET)

Cheers Ian

I don’t like to, but I usually just pull my USB able. I do wish the reset button was relocated with a cut out on the side, though.

@ Chris With the Cobra + 4.3" display you can’t power it up ith just USB there isn’t enough juice you have to power it externally… Pulling the USB cable doesn’t do anything…

Cheers Ian

You identified my problem exactly. :slight_smile: I’ll hook up the switch.


Psh, you guys must have some weak PC because mine has no problems working the Cobra + 4.3" with USB alone. Time to upgrade to USB3 :slight_smile:

Me neither. I can run my ChipworkX with 4.3" screen off USB no problem.

Guess that’s why my motherboard was about $300…

I can run mine off the USB as well. Just playing it safe by having a 6-Volt power supply as recommended by GHI in the brochure. That really makes it a pain cause I have to unplug both to reset. Will wire up a switch as soon as I have a chance to pick one up.


I’d love to see all the buttons accessible with the case on. Maybe I’ll mod mine.

A dpad and buttons would go great w my latest secret project, eh chris

Why not go one better, get one of those 2 axis pot joysticks SFE sells :wink: 2 ADC vs 4 digital

I’ve already got 2 sitting here Chris. Heh,