Using Character Display Module with 5V

Hi, I have a spare Character Display Module that I would like to use from a 5V PIC microcontroller. Sadly there seems to be absolutely no documentation about the module. There is no schematic and the product page does not specify if it is 5V tolerant. Does anyone have more information on this?

On the page you specified, click on Resources → Schematic:
Documentation page indicates HD4470 display module, you can find datasheet on internet.
This module is 5V tolerant as in specifications it is marked 0 @ 3.3 V, 30 @ 5 V mA, so it uses only 5V.

Click on SPECIFICATIONS and you will see this

Power Consumption 0 @ 3.3 V, 30 @ 5 V mA

No current for 3.3V but 30mA for 5V indicates that the display is powered from 5V…

@ Bauland: Thanks! I saw that - it is not what I would call a schematic but merely a pin assignment list. It certainly helps, but not for my question.

@ both and the info about using power from 5V: Yes, that certainly gives a hint. I am still concerned, though, as this only directly indicates where from and how much power is drawn, but not whether the data lines are 5V tolerant (which would obviously be pretty silly if not - I do get that). In my understanding, this is what the “5V tolerant” field says, which is empty - and probably should not be.

But I guess i’ll take the risk now. By the way, HD4470 is probably wrong and should be HD44780.

There are additional pin header holes on the board labeled as 1 to 16. Anyone take a guess what the pin assignment might be?

@ Banjobeni -

May be of some help for you.

HD44780 LCD Starter Guide

You are right, sorry for the typo mistake :-[ ???

@ King: Thx for the link! It helps.

@ Bauland: Sorry, I did not mean to say that you made a typo. The typo is on the Character Display product page. I stumbled upon it because I googled and didn’t find much meaningful results.