Using Character Display Module (HD44780) with G120

I am trying to use the character display module on a custom board using G120 module. The display module goes into the Y socket, thus wondering if the socket needs to be recreated on the custom board, or there is a simpler approach?

If creating of the socket Y is not an option, can I directly drive the Character Display via SPI?

All you need is few regular pins. Take a look at the driver source ad’s do a little reading online about these displays. No you can’t use spi. They are much simpler than that.

There are various adapter boards on eBay for both I2C and SPI which can be fitted to the character displays.

I2C only

@ Gus - great, that’s what I was hoping to hear, will get going on the direct use with pins. Tks.

@ Sprigo - those modules look interesting, so will give one of them a try. Tks.