Using Cerb40 II as a simple MCU?

I know this might be a stupid idea, but I am just looking for a compact, low-cost board that saves me the hastle of having to develop my own hardware. I have some experience using the STM32F4 Discovery for CAN-Interfacing and I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction as I couldn’t really find any info on this issue:

I want to develop a simple HMI device using some buttons, a 4x20 LCD display and CAN, maybe some ADC’s as well. Is the Cerb40 suitable for this application using native programming (ARM GCC) and does the onboard USB support flashing via a bootloader?
Or should I be looking somewhere else instead (like, say, a WaveShare Core407V)?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice and greetings from Germany!

P.S.: I know I’ll be needing additional hardware like a CAN transceiver and power supply and stuff like that. I just like how small the Cerb40 is.

Cerb40 is same as any other Cerb family device from a ST-DFU perspective. So you can do pretty much exactly what you want to do it. I haven’t tried to load a non-NETMF firmware but don’t expect there’d be too many challenges, as long as the pins you need are exposed.