Using both camera and usb host module


I just noticed that both the camera and usb host module use socket H but there is only 1 socket H available on the board, is there another way to connect both devices to the board?


A “USB hub” module is on the to do list. You can somewhat hack in any standard hub if you like.

hrmm, i havent gotten up to this bit yet (system doesnt like having the USB + 7v power adapter plugged in at the same time - differnt matter) but this will me an issue for me too.

Even with a USB hub, that wont help us put the camera in as well right?
IE: the camera isnt USB, so a USB hub will allow us to have many USB features… but still no camera…
or am i mistaken?

The camera is USB. I think you are mixing the USB Device port and the USB Host port on Spider. The module we want ot make will connect to socket type H in and give you few sockets type H out. This has nothing to do with your PC and USB Device port on spider. Make sense?

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