Using arduino code

Hi, When I get the Fez bee, I will also use it to replace the arduino in my classes. IF I ever need to code something in arduino code, that I cant code in NETMF, how hard is it to change over the codes?
Getting from NETMF to Arduino code(Being able to deploy to the Fez from the arduino IDE)
Also getting from Arduino code to NETMF(I assume I just use the Fez config)

You can’t use Arduino code on Fez boards.

I am assuming you mean converting source code. As Architect said, compiled code can not be transferred.

How easy it is to go back and forth from C# and C++ is strictly dependent upon your coding skills. If you know this is a requirement, you can minimize the impact by being careful how you write the common code. Again, this requires a good understanding of C# and C++.

For very basic C++ code, moving back and forth should be easy. The problems arrive with C++ pointers versus C# references.

I meant just completely wiping the board and running code that isn’t c#. Is that possible? I am hoping I could program it like it was an arduino if I have to, and reflash(I think that’s what its called) with NETMF

Yes it is possible to remove NETMF and run native code. You will not be able to use Arduino IDE for that, though.

Do you know what kind of IDE I could use for that, Architect? Thanks

Once you remove netmf you can’t go back, meaning you can’t load netmf back to board, it’s a one way street…

What you should look into is RLP if you interested in writing native code for your netmf applications.
Link to rlp :

@ Jay Jay - Yes it is possible to load it back using STI tools.

I was gonna say, how did they get it on a raspberry pi then?

I could’ve sworn @ Gus said that before, if the chip is wiped clean, you can’t go back… talking about GHI boards here.

What you talkin’ bout, Willis?

Huh, you’ve lost me there pal… no netmf on RPI… not that I know of…

Raspberry PI is a linux-based system, and it can run .Net (but not Micro.Net) applications through a special library package that one can install. called Mono.



I recall that being true for the EMX boards, I never tried, but I remember when I first got my board I think Gus had a post somewhere stating something along those lines. I am not sure about the G120 and G400.

The Hydra and Cerberus based boards can definitely be switched between native code and .NETMF at will. I have Cerb IIs that I do this with.

EDIT: Wow, in the time it took me to write the above, there were about six posts… Outdated before it was even released :slight_smile:

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Oh, that looks like its just a facade. Not really NETMF firmware.

@ ianlee74 - I know…