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Using Adobe Flex To Have Live Data in Browser Example


As many of you know i am new to all of this.
My example
i posted in TinyCLR Code section is most likely not the way its supposed to be done, but it does work and its main point to to get people aware of Adobe Flex to create your web page and make a TCP socket connection back to your board to exchange data. Its quite powerful.

One goal i had was to get live data to / from my board to the browser. I have done this many times on other platforms but not .netmf. Since i did not see anyone else doing the same i though i would let you know there is a great way to do this without Post / Get and Page Refreshing. You can have live data via the browser.


This is no “right way” to share stuff, the community is usually happy to see contributions in anyway you like.

You can make this even better contribution by providing a tutorial on how this is done but this is optional :

Thanks fro sharing


tutorial on what flex ?


just throwing in my 2 cents here but I think that Microsoft would much rather prefer to see Silverlight than flex. Adobe and M$ don’t exactly get along.


I dont know silver light, its all about getting the job done.
Someone who knows that get pick up the ball with it.


jdal, great examples on how to use the WebServer class.

But it would be better not to include the code in your zip-files, but to add a link to the original WebServer extension on I’m trying to keep that page as up-to-date as possible with bugfixes that I apply while making use of it. The WebServer class you’ve added in the attachment is already outdated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding.


@ Wouter Huysentruit,

I hear ya, but i did that for 2 reasons.

#1) when adding to clear code, it says at the bottom

so i thought i should include all the source.

#2) In the future, i will place a note saying something to the effect of if you plan on using this make sure you check for updates. I have run into frustration many times when people make examples and have some part of it point to another code source. It never fails that when it was made it worked, but months later when the source point it was pointing to gets updated it breaks the example from working.


jdal, that’s fine.

Just make clear, when someone wants to start a new project with that class, he might first want to check for the latest version.



Done :wink:


Now you’ve got me pondering yet another project I don’t have time for… silverlight would be a spiffy front end for talking to FEZes via TCP…