Using a 7 inch LCD with a SIT CORE SBC

I want to use a 7" LCD with a SIT CORE SBC. Are there any available?

There are many and we do actually have a panel that plugs right into the dev board. It is usually a special order only for $100.

Those displays are usually 800x480 pixels

800x480 is exactly what I am looking for. Could you provide me with the details on how to order this LCD and what SBCs it will connect to?

Any of the SITcore modules with the RGB LCD interface will connect to an LCD. The interface is 565 so you won’t get true colours but no one will notice the difference unless you use gradients. :slight_smile:

The GHI LCD’s are good value but lack brightness if you need to use a display that is used outdoors. Newhaven and others have higher brightness panels that work outside with a good image but they are way more expensive. They use the same capacitive touch interface too.

I’ve also managed to interface a Newhaven 1024x768 IPS LCD to the SITcore but that requires additional circuitry to convert to the LVDS interface of the LCD. It was impressively fast too with the SITcore having enough oomph to drive it and do the other work too.


If you just need a display and you will make PCB hookup yourself then you can use any display on the market. If you need a PCB panel (display + PCB + backlight circuit) that plugs right into the SCM20260 dev board then email us directly please.

By the way, we support HDMI as well. This way, you can connect any monitor/TV!