Uses for (many) additional round LCDs

Spawning this from @Justin thread about Unicorns pooping .Net watches.

What would people do with a round LCD that was “excess” to requirements that might help get us to the 3000 MOQ?

I thought it’d make a great stop-light demo. You basically need 3x of them, one you fill with red, one you fill with orange/yellow, one fill with green. ( :wink: )

DIY Nest anyone?

A bike computer dashboard

resurrect Colin’s bike computer? Great idea!

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Fancy humidor thermometer/hygrometer with adjustable faces to make it match the box. Pop in BLE and make a mobile app to go with it. Different faces as in-app purchases. Basically, a fancier competitor to the Boveda Butler.

A well water level (or storage tank) indicator for those of us on wells…


car - parking distance sensor
(still old car around with no distance sensors to park car on urban areas)