User Guides / Brochures on

User Guides for products that are sold on do not exist on

I think some people forget about these guides. Once they bought the product, they just got to for support and forget at looking at these guides back on’s website.

So I have a suggestion. Add a Users Guides section somewhere on that lists all the available User Guides.

Another place would be to list the User Guides / Brochures in a Sticky Forum Post in the following forums:
[ulist].NET Gadgeteer and FEZ Spider[/ulist]
[ulist]EMX & FEZ Cobra[/ulist]
[ulist]FEZ Rhino, Domino, Mini, Panda and USBizi[/ulist]

Most people forget, or don’t know, that most of the brochures and manuals for GHI products are included with the GHI SDK.

While there is brochures and manuals for the main boards in GHI SDK, there isn’t any for the shields, e-blocks, 2x16 serial lcd, etc.

When I received the FEZ Connect Shield, the voltage was set to 3.3V and needed to be changed to 5V. The 2x16 Serial LCD has four jumpers on the back and two or three of those needed to be changed before using with the tutorials.

When I received my order, I went though each part and read the brochure / user manual for each part I received as I didn’t want any “[italic]magic smoke[/italic]” to escape when I plugged them in. I set the jumpers as noted in the documentation. Most people probably won’t do this though.

I understand now…

I have gotten used to checking for manuals in the GHI catalog area.

Could be a good idea but we have over 100 document. You can see that such a post can be way too long :slight_smile: