Use USB to debug


I have a FEZ CERB , and i need to debug my program. So first, i want to use the USB of the cerb for the debugging but i don’t know how to do that.
My second work, is to send a command on the USB of the CERB. I don’t how i can do that with the USB port. My teacher told me to use USB like a serial port.

Thank you.

@ mous -

is your program supported by Micro NETMF?

@ mous - Debugging over USB is already the default. All you need to do is use a compatible version of Visual Studio, select your device as the target in Project Settings and run with debugging.

As far as sending a command to the Cerb via USB, there is no USB Client mode available on Open Source. You will need to use a USB-to-Serial module. This will allow you to send ASCII data to the serial port of the Cerb.