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Use USB as I/O


Can the EMX usb ports be used as digital input/output lines (from the usb connector)…it would be handy for some reasons when the board is already sealed up in a case. If it can be used, can the connector also be switched back to be used as normal usb host?

I was looking for schematics to see how the emx usb ports are implemented (direct from the processor?), but couldn’t find the schematics.


@ Hoyt -

but couldn’t find the schematics.

See (resources tab)


Thanks, but I still don’t find the [em]schematic[/em]…need that to see if the lines run right from the cpu to the connector in some manner.

I did find some usb i/o modules that just plug in…might work, but maybe not as speedy as direct i/o manipulation from the cpu. How fasrt could you control i/o with one of these modules? ms? us? ns?


ARE the usb pins connected to the processor & usable directly as high-speed I/O?..without the schematic, I can’t tell.


You could use the “EMX reference design” of the Cobra to see that.

But you’ll NEVER get a schematic of the EMX module itself. That’s GHI intellectual property and they’re not likely to publish that.