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I am new on Hardware development, I think only as hobbist and search in google find this website.

I am want to do the following, a RFID hardware for control access, update the software via USB, and check the RFID card, I want to use a RFID MiFare and SmartCard.

excuse me, what hardware is better to do it? what version of FEZ.

I am C# programmer.

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As you can see on the hardware page, there is a USB RFID device which you can buy.

Usable boards are those with USB host connection.

If you do not want a USB RFID reader, all FEZ devices will work. You can use a serial connection with a RFID reader available on vendor websites like sparkfun or parallax

If you have more specific questions, please let us know :wink:


is possible enable a smartcard reader? I want the two options. Maybe this project take me some long months but I want to learn :slight_smile:


A lot of smartcard readers will just spit out their info on a virtual com port, so yeah, it probably wouldn’t be hard. Do some research on “Smartcard virtual com” and see what you get.


many thanks for the info.


That’s what we are here for. :wink: