Use I2C-2 on FEZ Cerberus

Hello everyone.

I’m using the I2C Bus on FEZ Cerberus, and now I’ve seen, that theres another I2C Bus, called I2C_2 on socket 6. How can I use the I2C_2 Bus? In my program, I only use this:

nullConfig = new I2CDevice.Configuration(0x00, 100);
i2c = new I2CDevice(nullConfig);

and here I can’t choose between I2C_1 and I2C_2… It automatically uses the I2C_1 Bus.

Does anybody know, how I can use both of them?

Thanks and best wishes

Only one i2c bus is supported but you can have multiple slaves connected to this one bus master.

@ Gus - OK, that’s a pitty…
thanks for your reply ;D

Or use the softwareI2C driver…