Use a USB host module only for power

I wondered if it was possible to use the usb host module strictly as a power source (no data transmission at all) in order to power a portable router to give the gadgeteer project i am working on its own wifi network. I have found examples on how to use keyboards and mice but no exact ones on power management.
Here is the router I was going to use:

It should work as long as the current requirements for the mainboard, all the modules, and the router do not exceed the capacity of the power module you would be using.

No I shouldn’t run out of power, so i should be fine.
Is there any code i have to write to turn on the usb port? Or is it automatically powered at boot? (Haven’t had time to test it, and waiting on the router)

I checked the schematic for the USB host module, and saw that the 5v pin is connected to the 5v power all the time. no software needed.

I figured as much but was’t sure
Thanks for all the help Mike