uScoober - The filament for NETMF

I have open sourced my NETMF core utility libraries, build tools, and test framework.

Way too many features to list here but:

  • core interfaces that are testable
  • an implementation of Tasks (think TPL)
  • an xunit inspired test framework; with native, emulator, and build test runners
  • features and drivers delivered as source
  • packages on

Not sure what is does exactly, but certainly looks cool :slight_smile:


It is a lot of things.

First, its a new way of thinking about delivering functionality to NETMF developers. There is a core library that contains a minimalist set of functionality that most projects would use, and a set of interfaces that define testable/pluggable common component implementations, such as an I2C bus.

An then there are a few helper libraries, such as the Task API library that add advanced functionality.

And finally, everything else, features and drivers, are delivered as source code via NuGet.

The goal is to leave as much memory available to the application as possible, while letting the developers tweak the sources to their desires.

Just as important, there is a test framework that can be integrated into your automated build pipeline. This same framework and runner will work on the hardware, and also in the emulator, with pluggable feedback mechanisms: GUI, LEDs, and in the future character displays.


Will check the library out - thanks