USBSerial for unidentified FT232R device

Hey guys.

I have two Serial/USB devices. Both are FTDI chips. One detects as USBSerial automatically and is working. The other detects as unidentified, so I’ve attempted to initialize a USBSerial manually, but I’m getting an System.Exception with no message or details during the USBSerial constructor.

I’m pretty sure the dead device is using this: FT232RQ (NRND) - FTDI

Any ideas?

How are you using it? Connected to a PC or to a NETMF host device. If the later then try in a pc.
If the former, go to Utilities - FTDI and download FT_PROG.
If it is working, it will find it. You can also enter info to help identify which one is connected if two or more are connected

Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn’t able to reply back until my spam countdown expired :frowning:

Ok, my chip identification was way off. Turns out my device is using a Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge. I see silicon labs listed as an obsolete driver. Is there any source could I can work from to work around that? I need only very basic interaction with this device. Receive only fixed baud rate.

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@ TalbotMcInnis: Sorry, not familiar with that chip.
I would go to their website: [url][/url]
and make sure you have the right PC drivers. The also mention some test utilities, you might try those.
Get it working on a PC or Mac first, then try on the NETMF. Also, others on this board may have ideas.
Good Luck!

@ rockybooth - It works fine on a PC. I guess I’m just grasping at straws since GHI provides GHI.Usb.Host.BaseDevice.DeviceType.SerialSiLabs which is the correct company, making it seem like it is close to working. I saw a post that the “next version” would re-add support for non FTDI devices, but that post was over a year old.

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