USBizi144 ChipSet

We are designing a device that will use ethernet as a means of communication, does the USBizi144 Chipset support the tcp stack used in .NET Micro Framework? Hopefully that makes sense:)

Not directly; there is in fact a built in ethernet function inside the USBizi144 chipset, but it would not work without external memory. What is usualy done around here is using an external WizNet W5100 chip connected throught SPI BUS that provides the IP Stack. Such board and schematics are available here for an example :

You have here and example of a design of a boar with Usbizi chip and wiznet chip: the Fez Hacker (at the bottom “Taking DYI to the Next Level”) : Home - GHI Electronics

This is what they say:

However, the Wiznet 5100 has limited capability : only up to 4 simultaneous sockets…
The new upcoming W5200 will bring up to 8 simultaneous sockets…

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This should help GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

USBizi has native network support through W5100

Thanks for the replies, I will try using the WIZNET chip, sounds like a good solution and the chip is relatively cheap!