USBizi100 in Helico, real one ;-)

For my work, I used USBizi100, for the brain of my project.


  • Have 2 Transceivers in rear of helico, with one big battery for use the transceivers when helico is on the ground ( Radios autonomous ), and all commands are in front of helico.
  • In flight, the helico, must charge the battery and provide energy for transceivers.
  • All the audio is interfaced with the helicopter intercom. The pilot can even talk on the transceivers.

3 PCB:

  • 1 ,front , Head (remote) with USBizi100, Audio for headset, etc…
  • 1 ,rear ,Driving Tranceivers (Channels, Audios Levels) and Charger
  • 1 ,rear ,Converter/Charger (Helico in 28V / Tranceivers in 12V)

For this project, I used, some intresting components.

8-Bit, 8-Channel Sampling ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER, for mesure, voltage and consumption.

16-Bit I/O Expander, for changing chanels of transceivers and PTT (push to talk).

Quad 256 positions Digital Potentiometers, for audios levels.

256K CMOS EEPROM, for save settings.

I2C bus Extender, for link between front and rear.

Only, one Rotary Encoder, for remplace, some mechanical potentiometers, and use in dynamical situation.


Some more pictures and code will coming, when the integration will be done…

This is Fuz, not Fez. Freakin UnRealZ !

This us very sweet. By the way, you should consider using G120 for a complete display and graphics support.

Nice. What exactly does it do? Does it speak status of something to the pilot or is it for people within the heli to talk to each other?

It’s 2 transceivers for people in the helico. I working for one ste who make transmission for some events like the Dakar or Le Tour de France, etc…

So, it’s people working for organisation who speak through the radio.
Why 2 radios ? 1 for Orga and second for Media.

The pilot must listen and speak the avitation radio, of course, but organisation’s radio, too.

The charge of the battery must be done only when the helico flight. Not only when the helico switch on, the power, because the helico need all power to start the turbine.

I can’t give you all of specifications for this project, the list is too long…

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Yes, but the display is just to display chanels of 2 transceivers and level of battery, not video :wink:

the USBizi is enough to do this project :slight_smile:

Very cool. Thanks for the detail.

@ Flid - seriously cool. Do you get to go out to the Dakar as support?

I go on Dakar since 1998 :wink:

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Let me know if you need a backup for either event (Dakar and LeTour)


We make all communications for organisation,

  • Radios in Helico and Planes (Radio repeaters)
  • Internet, and Phone by Sat (VSAT)
  • Tracking (Racers and Assistance)
  • Beacons for racers

See about us :

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