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USBizi100 Footprint


I’m designing a board utilising the USBizi100, however looking at the documentation there are two sets of dimensional information, which density does USBizi100 use?


Pesonally, I’d grab the design file/s from a Panda or Mini and use that as the benchmark. It will be accurate !


I’ve got the design files from NXP - So they should be accurate, I just need to know which one to use. Furthermore I don’t use Eagle, so transfering it over would be a pain.


Here you go :slight_smile:

By the way, the link is already listed under USBizi product page


Yes Gus, and this has two different desities, medium and high - which density are you using? – When you look at the table containing dimensions there are two rows, one for each one - and I’ve got two footprints corresponding to those rows, I just don’t know which ones you use.


Gus answered my question on Chat, thanks.


The answer was, there is only on footprint