USBizi100 Chipset – Legacy

I see that the USBizi100 chipset is going out of production. And with the USBizi100 chip gone Im really back to square one with my project SauID.
Im not interested in ordering these chips by the hundreds as this is just a hobby and I dont want to lock money into chips that strictly speaking is a dead end.

So how would you guys go about this problem? I dont want to rebuild this with .NET Gadgeteer as I want everything on a single PCB.

Would you like to switch to STM32 chip?

How many do you think you need in one year?

Architect; If I can get USB host as I use USB memory sticks to hold the logging information and calibration values for the digital weights.
Could you give me some more information? (I havent been a part of the GHI electronics forum for a while now)

Gus; Probably not more than 10 chips a year

I think STM32 is going to be around for awhile. Here are some facts about it:

  • The firmware is open source (thanks to Oberon)
  • There are at least 4 manufacturers that use NETMF on that chip
  • There is a community version that already has some new features
  • Eventually there will be open source built in USB host in that firmware (I hope)

Regarding USB Host

  • there is a tiny file system on flash modules that can be used instead (at least until USB Host is implemented)

Check this creations from forum members:

Justin has at least 2 more other board that he already showed in the forum and on YouTube that use STM32.

10 chips cost very little so I suggest you buy them ASAP, maybe few more just in case.

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That sounds like a good idea, but how to order them when they are out of stock?

Yeah, buying 10 would be much easier than switching to STM32 and 4.2. I would try to contact them directly through the online form:

(will reference this thread too)

Shoot us an email with why you need. Consider this as a last time buy as these may not be available in low quantity in future but you are saying this is good for a year so maybe it is okay

Thank you for this offer Gus. Ill send you an email in the next day or so.

OK, so I sendt a message via the supplied form.
Attached a link to this post and said it was to Gus.
This is the reply I got.

I only needed 6 USBizi100 chips.
So that means I probably should just throw away my last 6 PCBs as I dont need the other 84 microcontrollers.


@ Geir - USBizi is a special order only product, let me check with the production manager to see if there is an open tray that we can get 6 from.

Thank you for your services. As usual GHI electronics steps up to the plate.
I only wish that they would keep the chipset available for future projects.