USBizi100 chipset based cutom board design

I am beginning a layout for a custom board that will use the 100pin USBizi chipset.
Do you happen to have a mfr partnumber for the SDcard socket and the USB connector used on the PANDA II?

These are sourced from china. Best for you if you find something available locally and use.

for my USBizi144 project I have selected these:

HRS (HIROSE) ZX62-B-5PA(11) This is a MICRO USB port not a mini. My decision was based on availability and it look like it’ll be easy enough to hand solder. Source is in AU from Element 14

Molex 49225-0821, push-push Micro SD card. Maybe a little more expensive than I was imagining but again looks easy enough to solder by hand.

Thanks Brett


I have posted this link to the same type of SD card socket used on the Panda II several times now:

I have used many of these on our board which is based on the Panda II and they work well.