USBizi UART questions

Anyone out there know…
Q: What is the maximum baud rate supported on the USBizi?
Q: How big is the interrupt buffer, ie how much time have I got before handling the data and not getting an overrun

thanks monkeys

it can go as high as you like! I had it working at 1MB! Do you need more?

The buffer size is 2KB I think but I am not sure

If your application is going that fast then use the UART with handshaking CTS/RTS

yeh im running at 921600 and it seems fine.
2k seems generous good.
other side doesnt support rts/cts also I want code to be portable to any of the uarts
just wondered if gc kicks in how likely I am to get a data overrun
thanks for prompt reply

Then use software handshaking

the protocol is packet based and supports retries so not an issue thanks

so at 1 Mbit we have 100 K bytes per second with an interrupt buffer of 2k then should be good for a 20 ms delay and gc is normally 3 ms or so so looks promising

emperically I have found that the uarts seem to have an interrupt buffer of 256 bytes, so with 4 uarts and tx and rx that would add up to 2K in total.

what’s the exact number for uart baudrate of 1Mbps?

See this (link removed)

I would say this fits my needs more because Dynamixel uses a non-standard baud.

just wanna put it down. ;D