USBizi sustainability

Correct but usbizi is a premium offer that offers more libs so make sure Cerberus software had everything you need before designing your circuit.

You first mentioned STM32F4’s so I assumed you were thinking that this was an appropriate replacement for USBizi. As Gus said, make sure it has what you really want though !

GUS, Brett,

Concerning these modules, we have to implement at most Digital I/O, Analog I/O, PWM, OneWire, and some other specific protocols such as WIEGAND, that is implemented using 2 Digital Inputs with interruption capabilities in fact…

Communication with the “central” brain will be over an UART port converted to RS485 Full duplex by a MAXIM chip.

Very basic things in fact !

What interest me more here is the capability to ensure some more or less complex automated treatments between these IO and modules, and that is why I prefer to bet on the STM power to anticipate the complexity groth potential of these treatments.

I guess all this properties are available on the STM. Am I wrong ?

STM should work but it will cost you only $40 to try it out :slight_smile:

@ Gus -

That has effectively to be checked !