USBizi pin names

The USBizi brochure isn’t exactly clear when it comes to pin names, so I’d like to confirm that this is correct:

pin #9 == IO28 == ADC0 == USBizi.Pin.IO28 == AnalogIn.Pin.Ain0

I’m confused mostly because AnalogIn isn’t from the GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.USBizi assembly, so it’s not USBizi-specific.

The same goes for AnalogOut.Pin.Aout0 being the same as pin #6/IO22/ADC3.


Think of them separate

pin #9 == IO28 == USBizi.Pin.IO28

The same pin has an analog input feature and it si ADC0 == AnalogIn.Pin.Ain0

Right, I do think of them separate, but I’m putting the silkscreen on to name the pins, so I need to get the names right, or ianlee is going to be unhappy :slight_smile:

Make up your own names for pins and then generate your own class with pin numbers. Like on on some of the FEZ boards.

Superboard.Pins.IO6 …etc.

I’d like to keep the module as close to USBizi as possible, so I am planning to use the USBizi pin names. That also means I don’t need to distribute or otherwise make available any custom library, and it makes porting to a bare USBizi chip a trivial matter.