USBizi No driver found (Panda II) Worked perfectly before today


Since today when I connect any Fez Panda II to any of the USB ports on my devbox,
(windows 7 x64 sp1) it says there is no driver available.

I have tried reïnstalling the SDK but it doesn’t help…
Nothing else changed on my system between yesterday and today…

And I have a deadline coming up… (of course this kind of thing always happens when you have deadlines :p)

Anyway… any suggestions?

Hold LDR down to put the device in loader mode, erase all and reload frimware

I’ll do that, but doesn’t strike you as odd that NONE of our panda devices work anymore?
Even the ones that haven’t been used ?

Then the problem is in your PC, right?

That is what I’m thinking yes.
But I’m in China now, so setting up a new dev machine isn’t exactly easy…

I need to find a way to fix this.
We’re going to use the panda’s to fix a huge project.

Just tested chipworkx devices, no driver found on them anymore either…
so it seems to be for all ghi drivers

Take a look in device manager, what shows up there when you plug the board in?

I had something similar happen after I updated to the lasted GHI SDK, for some reason when I plugged the device in Windows was looking at the old SDK path for the driver. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the GHI SDK.

We also offer a driver installer as well

Device manager shows Uzbizi and chipworkx
I’m in the process of uninstalling everything now.

Thnx for the tips.
We’re going to install over a hundred panda’s in a traffice guidance system :stuck_out_tongue:

Pictures? :slight_smile: