USBizi drivers for Win 7 64 bit (Panda II)

I had a Panda II die on me about a year ago (?) and I bought a replacement board. I put the project down until today but when I came to try the board, I couldn’t communicate with it. I installed the GHI NETMF 4.1 SDK but the board still shows up only as USBizi in device manager and Windows can’t find a driver for it. I tried installing the GHI_Bootloader_Interface.inf driver but WIndows complained it was a 32 bit driver. Where can I get the 64 bit driver(s) for this board? I want to reactivate the project I was working on.


@ NotSoTiny - I was able to use the 4.1 bootloader driver on 7 64bit just fine. I would try to completely uninstall and reinstall the SDK or try a different computer.

I tried this on couple of different computers, each with a clean install of the SDK. I am beginning to wonder if the board is dead (!). I’m not very happy with the GHI offerings as my first board got very hot with use before finally dying. They also seem to obsolete their hardware (and support for the hardware) very quickly and I don’t like the gadgeteer products as they seem a bit dumbed down.
Anyway, thanks for the advice, I’ll try it again , but if I can’t get anywhere, I will probably look at the RPi as it seems to have a bit better support. Shame though, I have a Netduino plus 1 and it is still going; just doesn’t have the I/O that the Panda had.


We have sold thousands of boards. If your search around the forum you will see that this is extremely rare. The only times I remember were caused by a misuse.

I suggest the cerb40 for your needs.

Hi Gus,
Yes, I looked at the CERB40, but again my concern is that I will get one and find that you have moved to the CERB40-III, leaving me with (once again) an unsupported platform as MS moves forward with NETMF releases.
As for misuse, I am a professional qualified Electronics Engineer and have some understanding of how to work with SBC products and the associated peripheral chips. I have built several robotic projects, including multi-processor systems implementing specialized algorithms with products ranging from the original HandyBot, through Arduinos, to the .net MF boards available from companies such as yours. I have also never experienced problems with hardware until working with this board (I seem to recall that when the first one went, it was a known problem with the board in early production runs; mine managed to hang on longer because of a hiatus in my project and I exceeded the warranty time).
Anyway, I’m not trying to dis what your company does, nor its products. I just think my projects are moving at a slower pace than your development and I don’t want to be left behind with obsolete hardware again. Any other pointers as to how to get my (possibly defunct) Panda II working with Windows 7 would be most appreciated.


@ NotSoTiny - stock will change every year or so. If you go in production and need hundreds, we can always supply you with anything you need, including panda.

Your other option is to use one of the SoMs. These do not change in long years.