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USBizi DevSys product Brochure


I seem to have misplaced my copy, could someone point me to where I may find it?



Thanks Architect, you keep saving the day for me.


You are welcome! ;D


Thank you Architect


It is also on your computer:

C:\Program Files\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK\USBizi\Documentation


First thanks for the pointer Mike, I had not noticed that the schematic for the DevSys was there as well. I had seen the USBizi pinout and user manual, but they are for the chip itself. While these are useful in there own right, I hate to know that there is documentation out there that I used to have but can’t find anymore. (the packrat in me.)

The DevSys Brochure has a little more information about the boards pinouts than appears on the schematic. Maybe it could be derived from the schematic, but the brochure is a handy cheat sheet.

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Yep, these are two different documents. And you only have sch in Documentation folder.