USBizi dev sys, what a happy memory!

This is about 10 years old! Before Microsoft had file system support and not even interops! We had to do some magic to make this work. 64KB of RAM and still have USB host and file system, all with no official interops support. About 2 years of work from three amazing developers.

Seeing this board with the old-old GHI logo puts a little tear in my eye. I can’t find any of these boards here but thanks to @Designer for sending his.


I would call it the smallest feature complete NETMF board !

Can I request for a copy of the USBizi DevSys PDF ? Unable to find it online.

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I see now that the mounting hole style is a GHI tradition. I will not hope for a change in the future. Wish I had known about these board back in the day; I would have started in embedded electronics sooner than 2009.