USBizi and TCP/IP

The chip comparison page states USBizi144 has the TCP/IP stack with the usage of wiznet 5100 chip. Before I go down this road, I have the following questions:

  1. Is there a reference design that incorporates both USBizi144 and the Wiznet 5100 chips on the same board?

  2. How do I program against Wiznet 5100? Is it the standard .NET Micro Framework System.Net stuff that you can do on the EMX module?

  3. Is USBizi144 available with more memory than just 96k?


no (rhino uses a plug in module variant, which can show you the pin connections though, and its pretty easy as its only SPI based so wouldn’t be a hard job for an experienced layout person to make work)

no, not exactly the same. similar, but not the same. Lots of code on codeshare plus lots of discussion threads here, use search.

no - there is only one USBizi firmware and a 100 and 144 pin version, thats it…