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USBH_Device class is missing


Hi All: I’d like to experiment with USB host on my Fez Domino but I’m having trouble finding the USBH_Device class. I have included a reference to the assemble “GHIElectronics.NETMF.USBhost”. The version No of the assembly is which is correct according to However when I try to create a USBH_Device object, the class is missing from the IntelliSense menu.

I had a search through the forums thinking this would be a common issue, but to no avail. Can someone shed some light on what I’m missing. -Cheer


the documentation says USBH_Device is in ghielectronics.netmf.system


Arhh SH@ #$ - I looked at the namespace heading instead of the assembly heading. -Thanks


See this please